Chip and Co. Grooming offers house call grooming services for small dogs under 30lbs. Our service area is North Bay and surrounding areas. Grooming in the comfort of your own home provides a solution for high anxiety dogs, dogs who don’t travel well, owners who don’t drive or simply enjoying the convenience of freeing up time with work and family life. Once the initial appointment is complete with the owner present, grooming can be done without the owner home

How in home grooming works:

* Request appointment online, call, text, email or though social media platforms. 

* On pre-arranged date and time, groomer will bring grooming table, dryer and tools required and set up in preferred location in house. Dog is bathed in any raised sink or tub as the last option. 

* No mess left behind! We clean up. 

* Appointments can range from 1.5 to 2 hours start to finish. 

Chip & Co. Grooming has been a trusted and highly recommended grooming service since opening in 2013. We service pet clients all around North Bay and surrounding areas. We provide professional full service grooming in your home for small breeds and are fully certified. 

Payment is due at time of service by cash or E-Transfer.